Wednesday, June 14, 2006

sketch dump 06-14-2006

Day 2.

Gotta love post-its.

... And it's my little sister's birthday!


Michael Oviedo said...

does she have a myspace thing? i wanted to send her a happy birthday sparkly letters type thing that pans across the screen....isn't your birthday coming up soon? i know it's this month! is it today?! the sketches are great by the way. so what's the deal...where is your style headed?

potato farm girl said...

I like the man in the orange suit. I want to give him a hug.

martin wittig said...

Nice work man!!


I love these square-headed girls you're drawing... My fave is the one you did back in your March 26th post- on post-its. Keep 'em coming, Phil!

John the Greek said...

Hey man,

It's John the Greek from SVA. Where the hell ya been? This is how I find you, practically taking over the world. Congrats, dude. I'm at HarperCollins Publishers now, and design children's book adaptations based on movies (i.e. Ice Age, King Kong, X-Men, Spider-Man, Fantastic 4, Narnia)

Contact me at, so we can chat, catch up, and collaborate on top secret projects. Your work is great and maybe we can combine our evil forces.

Also, this is an invite to other animators/illustrators/artists looking for freelance work to help us on our upcoming projects.

Drop me a line