Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hey, hey, hey. Hey ladies.

There are two great sets of posts going on right now, both dealing with great drawings of women. First is on Blackwing Diaries; there are a ton of Freddie Moore drawings, most of which are his signature appealing women. This guy's amazing in my opinion. His girls are solid as hell, but delicate as lace... that's good drawing.

Secondly, on Eddie Fitzgerald's Theory blog, he talks about his theory of 'woman are just men with long hair and boobs'. Supported with some amazing examples of hilarious cartooning. Don Martin and Milt Gross to be exact.

So tonight I watched England and Hungary play a friendly pre-World Cup match and decided to plop myself in front of my tv and draw some girls. Here are a few of them, with some self indulgent grey-tones.... well, actually, I think the drawing's themselves are pretty self indulgent. They're not quite as sensitive as I would have liked, nor do they really illustrate any idea or emotion. Oh well.

These are much more in the Fred Moore school of drawing versus the Milt Gross. I think I'll sit down tomorrow and try to grow some balls and do something funny.

Hope ya dig.

...and go buy the Venture Bros Season 1 boxed set.


.....i'm not kidding. buy it.


burgerlog said...

you live!!!!

Jenny said...

Hey! Those are adorable! I love your design.

...and thanks for the blurb, too!

Alina Chau said...

THese characters are so squashy, reminded me of the classic toon style!! Love the design!

Adam said...

i love those legs. great drawings!

Jim M. said...

I love how the gals are always doing something specifically different. Though they're usually naked or doing something domestic. You misogynist.

Dagan Moriarty said...

ah, sweet.
ANYTHING inspired by Freddie Moore
is COOL with me. ;)
Great work, man.

Serapio Calm said...

Lovin your cute girly drwings and your barbarian set! Keep em comin Philabusta!

Pencil Farts said...

You have great knockers! I really like the style.

I.M. Orible said...

Where's the line of action? The construction? The negative spaces need to be expand-a-lized! WWJKD (What Would John K. Do)? Did you even consider that before you started? No wonder Amid Amidi took you off of his prized "recommended links" list! That guy doesn't even draw and yet everyone values his opinions on design and animation!

P.S. you also need to make your girls naked-er. It's lonely here in France.

Jenny said...

Ha! Your French friend is a scamp! ; )

OK, I'm back again...update--put up more girls, man! I love love love those last two esp.

Your post makes me think that a Moore-inspired show a la the 8-bit or Disney-inspired things lately would be a good idea...perhaps not 'officially' but simply everyone posting their own girls(if they're not already).
There's something that comes out of artists with girl drawings that isn't evidenced elsewhere...i.e. Bruce Timm's and Ronnie del Carmen; they're both killer artists, but imho their women drawings just take their skills to another level(and with guys like that, that's saying something). That whole Batman crew used to go downstairs to a bar after work and get drunk and draw--or try to outdraw each other; I've got copies of those somewhere. Incredible stuff.

Niccolò said...

Lovely little girls!
Draw moore of those caracthers!

Ryan Smith said...

Very nice Phil. I love your legs...well not your legs but the ones you draw.

martin wittig said...

Nice work phil! Very cut indeed!!:)

wolfboy said...

What is it with all this faggy artist crap? Where's the blog that you share beating up hobos and punching bunnies?

todd james said...

I like the chubby legs

Hollar at your boy one day NY is great right now BTW.