Wednesday, November 16, 2005

some life drawings.

Today (yesterday) I did some volunteering at the ASIFA Animation Archive. I helped Steve "Bigshot" Worth with some scanning of drawings from Ray Patin Studios. He has a ton of stuff in that place, it's going to eventually be an incredible resource. On the walls were drawings from Fleischer Studios. Including some awesome Grim Natwick Betty Boops. I also had the pleasure of watching some old Terrytoons, Fleischer Popeyes, Clampett's Coal Black and Tin Pan Alley Cats, and the zany Harmon-Ising's Swing Wedding. It was a very inspirational day. I'll totally be back there.

Monday night I did some figure drawing in Los Feliz. I haven't gone life drawing for at least 5 months, and that's a pretty big stretch for me. I find a lot of joy working with a model. On Monday I was stiff, disconnected, clumsy, and drew with a total lack of sensitivity. It was great. I'm going to pick up that habit again like a Chinese opium fiend.

Here are two from Monday. I would've posted more, but scanning 18x24 is a bitch... especially on off-white paper.

I also just got a prank call. Pretty sweet. If the prank caller is reading, my answer is "Nope."

words to live by found in a randomly selected Andre 3000 track: "Motherfuck the wagon, come join the band" (sorry if any of my cousins are reading... but they're still pretty good words to live by)

feeling: alright

listening to: "Decryptated" by Rosa Yemen on N.Y. No Wave ...aaaand the song's over


UM said...

Hey Uncle Phil, fabulous life drawings. Draw smaller and you can scan more!
Envy you for being at the archives. Would love to volunteer myself, but it's a bit of a schlepp all the way from London. Dang!

GWEELOK said...

keep up the good work!

mikecarloooyeah said...

good stuff! makes me want to draw naked people, and considering you had a tough time getting into the swing of things those look pretty sweet. Wonder how you draw on a good day!

Michael Oviedo said...

finally! well i gotta agree with carlo. although you haven't figure drawn in such a long time, you still got "it". can't wait to see what you come up with once your not as rusty as you claim to be. PEACE!

Jim M. said...

let your mind go, and your body will follow.

Ryan Smith said...

Phil, you got lines...and you know how to use them. How's that song go?


great drawings...

Anonymous said...

i just moved near lof feliz,
and ive gotten a flyer for the figure drawing class mon. and wed.
i just cant find it now, so i dont know details. i gooled 'los feliz figure drawing' and you came up!
if its not a hassle can you email me with some details? its right behing Home restaurant, right?
i would very much appreciate that. thankyou!

-audrey kawasaki