Friday, October 15, 2010

APE 2010

I'll be heading up to APE this weekend. Stop by my table and see me pretend to be totally cool with trying to sell my own art! Ill be at table #703 with the great LFW in the flesh. Ask him about Crocodile Dundee... I'm sure he'll love that.  We're also right next to Andy Ristaino, he'll have books, prints, shirts. He'll be slinging some awesome.

Luke will have his killer graphic novel, "Bikini Cowboy". It's spectacular, but copies are limited. So act fast.

I'll have a bunch of prints, along with the release on my 3rd Comic Book Paaarty installment.

Come say hi!



Will Finn said...

Kick some APE ass, my friend. Mighty talented table.

bcthree said...

Cool beans!

jenrynda said...

Yes! Save me a Party Party Party:) Good luck this weekend!

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

Cant wait to see it.

sakiteriyaki said...

Hey It was great meeting you. Do you have any more prints for sale?

Anonymous said...

Read the first and third volumes Saturday night and like Loverboy I was "Luvin' every minute of it!"

Especially your takes on Luke and Andy. (now I "get" the post-it drawing Luke did of you that I stole at the show.)

Can't wait to see what L.T. brings to the game in volume Quaddro!

Thanks again, you generous genius you.

UFO TRASH said...

Hi! My boyfriend and I said hi to you at APE, it was really nice meeting you! Thank you so much for the little gift as well. You're the best! I was too shy to really gush in person, but yeah! Thanks!

Do you have a favorite pizza topping?


faj9778 said...