Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lunchtime Black and White - Stream


SteveLambe said...

Beautiful, Phil.

Two quick questions:

1)Why does the river turn you from Dakota Fanning into Lindsay Lohan?

2)Does your wife know you're drawing naked ladies during your lunch break?

Uncle Phil said...


1.) I'd like to think that there is a natural progression form Dokata Fanning to Lindsey Lohan, and this progression is illustrated through the metaphor of a "river" or the feeling of "riverness".

2.) Ssshhhh!

thanks steve!

Jim Mortensen said...

Funny, I thought the first drawing looked like Lilo from Lilo & Stitch.... making her transform from Lilo to LiLo.

Gorgeous. I'm excited to see the mini-comic.

wolfboy said...

Geez, man--you've got such a mastery over B+W. This strip is haunting.

Diantres said...

hey you have a lot of great work!


Jav said...

very nice.

charrba said...

what? you do comics at lunch? this is rad.
(charrba= ako)