Friday, February 06, 2009

Big Art Weekend For My Big Art Friends

First off...

Tonight is the opening for my friend Will's show at the Hibbleton Gallery in Fullerton.
If you like "awesome", I think you should go. See more of Will's work on his websites. You won't be disappointed.
-Silhouette Masterpiece Theater website and shop
-Lone Wolf Black Sheep


Gallery Nucleus will be hosting a panel with some of the artist's behind Coraline! It's tomorrow, February 7th from 2-4pm , and space is limited. Come and be amazed by Dan Krall's gargantuan height and delicate pen work. Let the enthusiastic and excited Shane Prigmore excite and enthuse you. And listen to the sweet sweet sounds of America's heartland as Shannon Tindle transports you to a land of rolling hills and Kentucky BBQ. Get there early and save me a seat :)

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