Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Self Indulgent Post Lunchtime Scribble Nonsense

It's all pretty self indulgent... down to the signature. I've been thinking a lot about who I am as an artist and who I want to be. I've been trying to give myself small goals, most of which i don't meet. I'm totally bogged with freelance, so I can't really put the time into my personal work that I would like... but maybe I'm taking on the freelance because I'm just too terrified to really dive in to my own work and develop some of my own ideas. I don't know.... but I do feel like I'm about ready to just go for it... once I get all of this freelance finished.

I showed Jim this drawing and he said "You fill a page like water curling around rocks." Wow. I thought that was a great compliment, and it really describes how I feel when I'm scribbling out a page like this. It becomes a very soothing meditative process for me. I just let things happen and I go with them. What I find interesting about this process for me is that I'm not really thinking about any one big idea or image. The page just seems to grow organically. My dilemma is that I wish I could put the same type of loose energy and spontaneity into something that I've planned for myself, controlling the "flow of the water" around "rocks" that I've planned out. Or maybe I don't have to, maybe I should be happy that these images can just flow out. It's definitely a stress reliever for me.


"D" said...

Hmmm. Very interesting.

The talent is there flowing, it's just a matter of timing on the road we take. All that is happening is you are are passing an intersection in your career. Once you pass that intersection you will speed up again.

Or maybe it's just spring fever.

espiridellis said...

Just let it flow, man! I've always been floored by your spontaneous, natural drawings and I don't think it's the hours that go into a piece that makes it a "great work of art". Picasso's drawings and etchings are 1000 times better than his paintings and Rodin's watercolor studies are just as impressive as his massive sculptures. My vote is to just keep doing what "feels" right.

Tony DiStefano said...

When you get an idea that feels so strong to you that type of feel will
come to the work.Maybe some of your other planned stuff followed trends that you did not like but it was commercial so you used it.The energy
is not the same.All I know is that your very talented and have accomplished a great deal for a young person.This is just the beginning for you.

Munchanka said...

Hey Phil,
Awesome blog! I love the sketch of you and Amanda crashing at a friends. So expressive!
I kept wondering who 'Uncle Phil' was on Nate and Ant's blogs. Go figure.

mikecarloooyeah said...

I love when you post stuff like this. You have a really nice flow to your drawing, and your lines are so strong, sophisticated, with a delicate and confident touch. Sometimes if not most, at least for me, the best stuff comes when you're being spontaneous, and freeing yourself of thinking too much. Anyway I think it's great, and maybe you will find out more by continuing to do this.
I owe you a call.
Periwinkle rocks!

Daniel Ted Feliciano said...

The sketch work looks great.

david gemmill said...

harness the power. keep drawing. have fun with it. and maybe down the road doodle some ideas for a comic or whatever personal project and go for it. The hardest part is getting up off your ass to do it; finding that self motivation. but i assure you once you start it will be a lot easier, and then you'll be wanting more time to finish it, instead of avoiding it.

At least this is what i see from my own experience.

Either way, great drawings, just keep having fun.

the clownninja said...

that happens to me sometimes too, the semi-spasticness of the freelance existence fucks with my creative flow. nices ripples Phil

Dan Thompson said...

these are beautiful. you're a great artist, keep going. lots of high focus lines and charm.

tirui said...

these are lovely.

tj carlo said...

phil, why are your drawing capabilities so incredible???