Monday, January 08, 2007

88 degrees is hot Hot HOT!

It's January 8th and it's 88 degrees outside today. Its days like these that I miss the seasonal change back in New York. Nothing beats the empty streets of Manhattan after a heavy snowfall. The silence is almost deafening, sounds being muffled by the blanket of snow. It's the only time that the city really sleeps.

... whoa, that was some mushy nonsense right there. And here I am, sweating my balls off, on January 8th in Los Angeles blogging about my NYC snow fantasies.... total crap.

And now for everyone's favorite; "Stuff You've Never Seen Before!"

This is the cover for "Patoruzu" issue #108. Drawn by the creator of Patoruzu himself, Dante Quinterno.

This beautifully drawn stip was in "Patoruzu" issue #86. I'm not sure who the artist is, but if anyone knows, please drop a comment. I know I've had some Argentines stop by in the past. Link to larger version.

These pages are from "Libro de Oro Patoruzu: 1961". They're drawn by Eduardo Ferro. Link to larger version.


contemplating turning on the air conditioner,
Uncle Phil


Oscar Grillo said...

I grew up reading "Patoruzu"...It was amazing..I've even met the creator, Dante Quinterno...There was a beautiful animated short called "Upa en Apuros" as well.
You can find all the info you need and see ALL the Patoruzu covers in:

Oscar Grillo said...

There is a distinctive possibility that the artist of the page could be Oscar Blotta or perhaps Luis Destuet.

Sean said...

Great stuff Uncle Phil! I brought a mean stack of Patoruzu's and Rico Tipo's back from Buenos Aires this past summer. I got a Patoruzu annual from 41. I haven't got around to scanning anything though. We should get togather and share sometime. Maybe Lambey can even come along.

Anonymous said...

i like the injuns

Anonymous said...

Don't sweat the winter.
It actually reached a mysterious 70 degrees here in the NY area the other day.
Only today did it finally hit the typical 30's

Even I miss the NY winters, and I live here!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Holy Cow! That indian is beautiful! Nice site!