Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Therapeutic doodles, girl with fuzzy boots

I've managed to bury myself with freelance work within the last few weeks. I always seem to think I can handle it, then comes a panic attack with the realization that I'm in over my head. Maybe I'll learn a lesson at some point.

I've finally calmed down, and seem to have things under a bit of control.

so, here are some of my "post these when I need something to post archive" drawings.

therapeutic doodles:

and a girl with fuzzy boots:

I hope to have some new stuff up soon.


Jared Deal said...

looks like you're trying some new things phil. i like your weird dudes a lot! is something inspiring your new love affair w/ the brush pen? whatever it is i likes it. the girl w/ the hairy ankles is pretty awesome too.

Kanokadafi said...

It's funny how you can draw the ugliest characters and the cutist characters.

Jim M. said...

Didn't you invent the brush pen too?

latecomer to the party joke,

Michael Oviedo said...

see your doing crasy stuff again...getting a little bill wray on me? when your going to get on aim? i never see ya

professeurcheveux said...

i really like your style! i'm gonna put you in my links!!!

bc3 said...

Is this "the" Phil Rydna, of the famed Cotton Candy dreams, fairy tale twistin', Beard wearing, Took of an artist? howz it shavin'?! Give me a line!


Kanokadafi said...

oh look brush pen, how original! - NOT

p.s - better watch out b4 CG starts ripping u off, hehehe